Interior Painting



Whether you hire us or you paint it yourself, following the right process is the best way to get the results that you want. Our team knows exactly what to do to get the results you want and the job done quickly.

Our Process:

  1. Estimate: An estimator will meet you on-site to measure the area and get the scope of work. We will then email you the estimate.
  2. Contract- Once the estimate has been accepted, we will send a contract for you review that protects both parties. This helps us have a clear picture of what is expected. We supply a 1 year workmanship warranty and outlines our scope of work and our painting standards we adhere to.
  3. Color Selection- Before we start, we will need the exact colors you are wanting. If you would like the same color that you currently have, we can use an old paint can or color match the paint with a paint chip from the area. 
  4. Protect your belongings: Furniture has to be moved to the center of the room and blinds have to be removed. We can include this service in our estimate, but if you would like to keep costs lower this should be done before we start.
  5. Covering and masking: All furniture and decor will be covered with plastic for protection. We mask the floor with 9 inch masking paper on every interior project, and the rest of the masking varies by job. 
  6. Prepare the Substrates- Our experienced painters will prepare the substrates for paint by doing any taping, mudding, or texture work as specified in the scope of work. 
  7. Apply Finish Coat- We use premium paints from Sherwin Williams to provide a clean and uniform finish that will last for years to come.


Can you match the paint color already on the walls?
- We are able to color match almost any paint color using a paint sample. We will extract a paint chip from the wall and take it to Sherwin Williams to get it matched.

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